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Burnout and a Pause Button

For a teacher, the idea of taking time off might seem weird to the point of being unthinkable, so when summer comes, a lot of teachers prefer burying themselves in another pile of work. Therefore, it’s time to get used to the idea that pressing the pause button is a measure for staying sane. Here are a couple of rules for avoiding burnout.

Plan Your Time off!

To ensure that your summertime off is well spent and every source of energy is replenished, you need to draft a plan.

Personal Time Off Diary

In order to make the time off as relaxing and useful as possible, passive rest is not enough – you must know where your source of energy comes from. For this reason, a diary where the key activates bringing you joy and helping you to recuperate is carefully written down is needed.

Sources of Strength

The sources of motivation and internal strength are fascinatingly unique for each individual, which is why it is crucial to locate the ones that resonate with you particularly strongly. Returning to these activities will keep you energized and help you to recuperate from a particularly stressful time period.

What about Students?

Give Them a Break

Summer is seen as a well-earned time off for students for a reason. For learning to be successful, students need to take a summer break from academic activities. So any new information is off limits!

Gamify the Blip out of It

Any language training activity must take the shape of a game.

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